Releases from 1979 to 2018

On Drugs CD and LP

#ITCD011 and #ITLP011 released by it Records, April 2018

ON DRUGS features original PC members Stuart, Denise, David and the late Frank Lovece alongside new band member Mo Louie and the rest of “The Pocket Calculators” : Grace, Stella Electricka , dd and rapper O-G-O, on backing vocals, and label mate Andrea Blake (Vacuum/ Asps) on synths/ drum machines

Recorded at Headgap Melbourne in 2014-2015
Produced by Neil Thomason and Stuart Grant
Mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege
Artwork and layout Justin Fuller Cover Photo Kane Greenhatch

*This is the last recording which includes all 4 original members of the Primitive Calculators



On Drugs Part 1 and 2

#IT7003 Released by it Records, November 2016

Recorded and mixed at Headgap Studio, 2014-2015

I'm F ucked / Bad

#ER21. Released by Emotional Response Records, December 2015

2 song 7 inch on coloured vinyl, with download code included

Recorded and mixed at Headgap Studio 2014-2015


Split 7" 2015

Split 7"
Torturing Nurse - Midnight, the Stars and You
Primitive Calculators - The Same

GR041. Released by Genjing Records, Beijing, March 2015


Recorded by Neil Thomason at Headgap Studios
Remixed by Simon Cotter

The World is F ucked

CH110. Released by Chapter Music, November 1st 2013.
On CD and Vinyl and Itunes and Google Play

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Recorded and mixed at Headgap, and mastered at Stepford Audio.

Watch Sick of Myself on Vimeo, filmed by Michael Buckley in 2013
Watch Dead, filmed by Matthew Ellery, 2014
Watch Why, filmed by Robin Plunkett, 2014

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PC singlePC album

I can't stop it / Do that dance (1979)

7" vinyl (DSR082) Desire Records
First pressing of 500 copies, June 2013

Primitive Calculators Live LP (1979)

12" vinyl (DSR061LP) Desire Records
Frist pressing of 300 copies, June 2013


Sick / C unt

CH95. Released by Chapter Music, September 7th, 2012

One side: Sick of myself
Other side: C unt life

Recorded by Julian Wu, mixed by Casey Rice, back cover photo by Pete Dowd

Watch Sick of Myself on Vimeo, filmed by Michael Buckley in 2013

Sick single 2012
Pumping Ugly Muscle Split 7"

"Pumping Ugly Muscle" 7"

Released by Sweet Rot Records, Canada, 2010

A side: Primitive Calculators, North Fitzroy practice room, 1979 and Slug Guts, Brisbane, 2010

B side: Primitive Calculators recorded live by Tony Cornish from Applecore Backyard Festival, 21/02/2009

In Byron Coley's Top 10 7" singles - Wire Magazine, January 2012.

The Shape of Sound - Volume 1

Released by Iceage Productions, limited edition of 100 copies, December 2010

Track 5 - Love ( Recorded live by Tony Cornish from Applecore Backyard Festival, 21/02/2009)

Shape of Sound Vol 1
Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Vol 2Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music, Volume II,
1974 - 1983

Released by Shame File Music, 2010

Disc B, Track 3 - I Can't Stop It (from 1979 single)

Reviewed by messandnoise.com

Watch clip of song here
Applecore '09

Recorded live 21/02/2009 by Tony Cornish

The 2009 Applecore Backyard Festival was held in Thornbury (Victoria) on Feb 21. Eleven bands played through the afternoon and night. This CD features one song from each of those bands, compiled in the order of which they played, and recorded on the day by sound engineer Tony Cornish.

The organisers chose "
Cunt Life" to put on this CD.
Applecore 09
2nd CD cover

2nd CD inlay
Primitive Calculators and Friends 1979 - 1982
This second reissue volume includes the studio single I Can't Stop It b/w Do That Dance from 1979, plus live and rehearsal recordings, as well as the entire 1979 Little Bands EP, live Little Bands and assorted other projects. Released by Chapter Music in March 2007.

1.  Primitive Calculators - I Can't Stop It
2.  Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance
3.  Primitive Calculators - Signals (Live)
4.  Primitive Calculators - Beat Goes On (Live)
5.  Primitive Calculators - Mud In My Eye (Live)
6.  Primitive Calculators - Shout (Live)
7.  Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance (Live)
8.  Too Fat To Fit Through The Door - Flintstones Meet The Flintstones
9.  Morpions - Point Blank
10.  The Take - Summer
11.  Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys - Hey Joe
12.  Thrush & The Cunts - 1,2,3,4
13.  Thrush & The Cunts - In Bed She's A Circus
14.  Zye Ye Ye - Zye Ye Ye
15.  Take Two - Lamppost To Lamppost
16.  The Egg - Let Her Know
17.  Dave Light - Rumple
Tales From the Australian Underground Vol. 2: 1977 - 1990 comes as a 2CD set complete with a 36 page full-colour booklet containing photographs, every single cover, and in-depth look at each and every track. Released by Feel Presents Records in June 2006.

Disc 2, Track 11 - Pumping Ugly Muscle (from the Dogs In Space soundtrack recorded in 1986) The band reformed for this one off recording, especially for the Dogs in Space movie. This track has never been released on CD before.

Watch a clip from the movie here.
Tales of the Australian Underground Vol. 2 CD
Inner City Sounds CD Inner City Sound Compilation

Released by Laughing Outlaw Records October 2005

Further information can be found on the Laughing Outlaw Records website.

Disc 1, Track 22 - Do That Dance (1979 single, remixed for CD by Simon Grounds)
Primitive Calculators self-titled live album on CD with 6 bonus tracks and bonus video.

Released by Chapter Music in November 2004.

CD Launch photos
2004 CD cover
Bonus tracks of previously unreleased material include:
Sec Sec Sickle (live from Champion Hotel, Fitzroy, 1979)
All I Get Is A Girl (live from the Champion Hotel, Fitzroy, 1979)
Nothing (live from Crystal Ballroom, St.Kilda, New Years Eve, 1979)
Glitter Kids (recorded at home in North Fitzroy, 1979)
Casualty Ward (recorded at home in St.Kilda, 1977)
I Want To Live (recorded in London, 1981 at the same time as Zye Ye Ye)

Bonus video:I Can't Stop It
(filmed in the backyard of a vacant house, two doors from home in North Fitzroy, late 1979, by Janis Lesinskis)
2003 single cover Glitter Kids b/w Lullaby and Signals 7" single

Released by Meeuw, November 2003, Meeuw MM025, clear vinyl, with insert (just a piece of paper with credits)
Live from the Champion Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne 1979
Can't Stop It - Australian Post-Punk 1978 - 1982 compiliation CD

Released in 2001 by Chapter Music
Track 3: The Take - "Summer" (from Little Bands EP)
Track 7: Primitive Calculators - "Pumping Ugly Muscle" (previously unreleased live version from 1979)
Furthur information at www.chaptermusic.com.au
Liner notes from CD
Cant stop it CD cover
PUM single cover Pumping Ugly Muscle 12" - Sydney dance mix version
12" and 7" single of "Pumping Ugly Muscle" recorded in 1987 in Sydney with Stuart, Phil Nichols and Andrew Bell on Chase Records. 

The B side has two songs from the original Primitive Calculators ~ I Can't Stop It (from the studio single released in 1979) and Bake in the Sun (from the 1979 self-titled live album)

Watch a film clip here.
Dogs in Space soundtrack album

Two versions released by Chase Records, one censored (White cover)and one R rated version (Black cover)
Recorded at Richmond Recorders in 1986 on Chase Records
Produced by Ollie Olsen

Watch a clip from the movie here.
Dogs in Space cover
Side Two, Track Two:
  • "Pumping Ugly Muscle" by Primitive Calculators (no vocals on censored version)
    • Stuart: Guitar, Drum machine, vocals
    • Dave: Bass
    • Denise: Keyboards
    • Marie Hoy and Terry Doolan on backing screams
Side Two, Track One:
  • "Diseases" by Thrush and the Cunts (no vocals on the censored version)
    • Jules Taylor:Vocals
    • Denise: Bass guitar, vocals
    • Dave: Drums
    • Arne Hanna: Guitar
    • Ollie Olsen: Piano
  • Movie notes: Marisa's sister Danila played Marisa's role on guitar. Marie Hoy played the drummer as the original drummer Marion, could not be found
Zye ye ye single Zye Ye Ye single
7" single from 1981, released in England, after Stuart and Denise spent 3 months living in Taghazout, Morocco
Loosely based on a song learnt from a Sudanese man living in Taghazout, named Mohammad
Recorded and released in England with Stuart, John Murphy, Ollie Olsen, and other Australians living there at the time

Self-titled 33 1/3 LP

Recorded live in 1979 at Hearts, North Carlton, supporting the Boys Next Door (Birthday Party)
Recorded and released by Alan Bamford early 1980's
Back cover photo by Anne-Maree Rourke
Album dedicated to Jim McCarthy, from The Godz
PC album
Little band single Little Band EP

7" EP released in 1979
Recorded at Daffy's Studio in North Fitzroy
Released by Max Robenstone and Alan Bamford with plain black label
Songs included:
  • Too Fat Too Fit Through The Door - "Flintstones Meet The Flintstones" (Marcus Bergner, Michael Buckley, Marie Hoy, Tom  Hoy, Dave and Stuart)
  • Morpion: "Point Blank" (Lee Smith, Wendy Morrisey, Stuart)
  • The Take: "Summer" (Frank, guitar, Tom Hoy, bass, Marisa, vocals)
  • Ronnie And The Rhythm Boys: "Hey Joe" (Stuart, vocals, guitar and drum machine, Denise, vocals, Jules Taylor vocals)
I Can't Stop It/Do That Dance single

7" single released in 1979
Recorded at Daffy's Studio in North Fitzroy
Released by Max Robenstone. and Alan Bamford with a plain black label
Later given away with self-titled album

Watch clip by Janis Lesinskis from December 1979
PC single

ŠPrimitive Calculators