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2009 to 2016 history

Email that started the reforming of the band ...


Gigs played / Recordings made / TV and Radio dates

Stuart had moved from Melbourne to Sydney in 1985 and returned in 2008 to work at Monash University.
Frank, Denise and Dave (unless overseas) lived in Melbourne.
The band reformed because we were asked to, and we all were living in the same city for the first time in decades.


January 4th, 2009

The Tote


January 9-11th, 2009
All Tomorrow's Party

Thank you Ben Butcher for taking this photo then painting it as Primitive Calculators in Space. Love your work.



Warren Ellis and Nick Cave checking us out.

Thank you Tony Cornish for being our sound engineer and room mate for that weekend.
Love your work.

Thank Nick Cave for asking us to reform.
You do love your work. Well done.

February 21th, 2009
Applecore Festival, Thornbury


March 25th,2009
St. Jeromes, City

March 27th, 2009
Rear View Gallery, Collingwood
for Chrome Dome 7" single launch

April 20th, 2009
Dogs in Space documentary "We're Living On Dog Food" interview recorded with Richard Lowenstein, St.Kilda.

May 17th, 2009
Printing Museum, Footscray



The drawing above was given to Denise after the performance by the local artist Po. Thanks Po. Love your work.

June 13th, 2009
Noise and Sound, Thornbury

July 29th, 2009
Ding Dong Lounge

Review of the gig by Alan Bamford

September 19th, 2009
Chapter Music ?

November 14th, 2009
Audio Action

November 20th, 2009
Thornbury Theatre, supporting Lightning Bolt (US)

November 21st, 2009
Manning Bar, Sydney, supporting Lightning Bolt

November 22nd, 2009
Hi Fi Bar, Brisbane, supporting Lightning Bolt

November 28th, 2009
Static Age Festival


March 24th, 2010

Thornbury Theatre, supporting Jandek (US)

March 28, 2010
Adelaide, supporting Jandek

September 3rd, 2010
Yah Yah's, Fitzroy


October 7th, 2010
North Melbourne Town Hall, Little Band night


February 6th 2011

Bar Open, Fitzroy

April 14th, 2011
The Tote, with Slug Gutz

April 30th, 2011
May 3rd and 8th, 2011
Recording of single "Sick / C unt" at Julian Wu's house, Windsor
Thanks Julian, love your work

August 27th, 2011
Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood

November 23rd, 2011
Melbourne Music Week
Melbourne Gaol, with Essendon Airport


Photo taken by Pete Dowd. Thanks Pete. Love your work.


March 6th, 2012

Toff in Town, Swanston Street, City

August 31st to September 2nd, 2012
"The World is Fucked" album recording started at Headgap, Thornbury
Thanks Neil Thomason, love your work.

September 7th, 2012
Polyester Records, City


September 29, 2012

Newcastle Sound Summit, NSW

October 5th, 2012
Single launch of "Sick / C unt"

November 17th
Chapter Music 20th Anniversary
North Melbourne

November 24th and 25th, 2012
December 4th, 18th and 19th, 2012
TWIF recording continues at Headgap, Thornbury


February 6th, 2013

TWIF mixing at Headgap, Thornbury

June 11th and 25th, 2013
Mastering of TWIF at Stepford Audio Mastering, Collingwood

July 6th, 2013
The Tote, with Don

December 7th, 2013
The World Is Fucked record launch
Toff in Town, City

PC at the Toff


January 17, 2014

ABC Rage taping in Sydney
Thank you Guy and Ben from Chapter Music for organising this. Love your work.
(The ABC told us 2 weeks later that they had lost the memory stick with the tape on it, so we had to return at a later date. We did, in May)

January 18th, 2014
Live to air Radio interview, Sydney
then played at
Red Rattler, Marrickville

February 1st, 2014
Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

February 15th, 2014
The Tote, with Freetime
First Pocket Calculator gig


February 20th, 2014

Bar Open, Fitzroy. Little Bands with Don

March 9th, 2014
Public Bar, North Melbourne

May 1st, 2014
OAF, Darlinghurst, NSW


May 2nd, 2014

ABC Rage taping. This time it worked. It was good to have a "rehearsal" back in January so we knew what to expect.

Primitive Calculators ABC Rage intro

Frank introduces us on Rage

Denise on how great Prince is

Dave picks Bruce Springsteen and Stuart gets the year right

Stuart explains how Jimi Hendrix was more than just the best guitarist ever

Denise gives her opinions about the Whitlam years and Michael Jackson

Frank and Stuart share their appreciation of ABBA

Frank and Stuart share their appreciate of Suzie Quatro

Stuart shows his love towards Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs

Stuart talks Slayer and Air Supply

Stuart talks Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Denise gets the year right

Denise helps out the 13 year old son of her friends by showing his band's video

The Calculators ask WHY?

May 18th, 2014
The Tote, Collingwood. Little Band night.

May 31st, 2014
ABC Rage programme

July 19th, 2014
Grace Darling, Fitzroy. Little Band night.

August 2014
Andrea Blake (Chrome Dome, Vacuum) joins the band to replace Frank on "drums/pc"
Frank continues as back up singer.

August 15th, 2014
Grace Darling, Fitzroy
Pocket Calculators

August 17th, 2014
Old Bar, Fitzroy
Pocket Calculators

November 12th to 16th, 2014
Recording of "On Drugs" starts at Headgap

December 10th to 14th and 16th, 2014
Recording continues at Headgap


January 2015

Frank leaves the band.

January 7th to 9th and 19th, 2015
Recording continues at Headgap

February 6th, 2015
3PBS Drive Live, Collingwood

February 4th, 2015
Bakehouse Studio live performance

March 3rd to 23rd, 2015
China Tour

See doco about tour and Chinese bands on YouTube here
Thanks Jake Lloyd Jones at MerJa Media for doing the doco
Thanks Thomas Hyland for filming our adventure with Jake
Love your work


March 10th
Zoomin' Night / improv and solo show, Beijing
with Liu Xinyu, Noise666, DJ HVAD

March 12th
XP, Beijing
with XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong, Vagus Nerve

Bringing Billy Thorpe performing Mama to China

PC and Billy Thorpe

March 13th
JUE Festival, Beijing
with SUBS, Birdstriking



March 14th
Aperture Club, Xian
with Skyfire

March 15th
System Error show at Aperture Club, Xian
XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong

March 18th
Next Door, Yiwu
XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong


March 19th
Inferno, Shanghai
with Torturing Nurse, XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong


Torturing Nurse


March 20th
YuYinTang, Shanghai
with Snapline, Sontag Shogun (US)

Alan Bamford took this video of us doing "The Same"
Thanks Alan, RIP, loved your work, always




Sontag Shogun


March 21st
VOX, Wuhan
with AV Okubo and
XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong


XiaoHong & XiaoXiaoHong
Our tour support band
Thanks Zhu Wenbo and Zhao Cong
Love your work


AV Okubo


July 2015
Denise leaves the band.
Andrea Blake leaves a few weeks later.

October 3rd, 2015
Pocket Calculators at Yarraville

October 10th, 2015
Memo, St.Kilda

November 19th, 2015
Pocket Calculators at Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy

2016 - 2018

March 20th, 2016
Keele Street, Collingwood with Strange Neighbours

June 12th, 2016
Metro, Adelaide

July 19th, 2016
3CR live to air

August 18th, 2016
Yah Yah's, Smith Street, Fitzroy

September 2016
Dave leaves the band. Stuart is now the only founding member left.

September 20th, 2016
Howlers, Brunswick

December 18th, 2016
China documentary "Which Way is China"
Sydney Launch

November 18th, 2017
Why Punk talk by Denise
MPavillion, Melbourne

March 23rd, 2018
Pocket Calculators
The Tote, Collingwood

June 1st, 2018
Curtain Hotel, Carlton
"On Drugs" album launch

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